Welcome to the Airdrie Airpark

Welcome to the Airdrie AirparkWelcome to the Airdrie AirparkWelcome to the Airdrie Airpark





Airdrie AirPark was originally built in the early 1940s as a part of the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan (BCATP) alongside a number of similar facilities constructed throughout southern Alberta to train air crews for the War effort. After its military use, the facility was operated as a recreational
airfield by a local family with a strong aviation heritage prior to its acquisition by the current ownership group, Airdrie AirPark Ltd.The Airdrie AirPark (Airport) has been managed, operated and funded by the Airdrie AirPark Owners since December 1997 and has been in continuous operation for over 70 years.

The present owners of the Airdrie AirPark have made significant investments in the aeronautical and related infrastructure development to provide an excellent aviation facility, poised for extensive development. 

Runway 12-30 at 5000′ x 100′ (asphalt) was completed in 2002 replacing the original cross-wind 3-runway layout. Runway 12-30 meets Transport Canada TP312 regulatory standards and is currently maintained to those levels (runway classification 3C). The runway strip was  purposefully built to the higher ‘Certified’ airport designation/criteria, of which Airdrie AirPark intend to apply for.


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